So That Was 2017

2017 flew by, didn’t it? (Sorry for the cliché there!)

Another year is over and, believe it or not, I think that I might have even learnt a thing or two in 2017!

I shall list some of the things that I learnt below (again, sorry for the clichéd blog post. If you want to read a much, much better post on this topic here is a link to the awesome Cup of Jo’s version!).
I mean, obviously I had a kid late 2016, so some of the stuff that I have learnt is boring Mum stuff. I will list the boring baby stuff separately so its easy to skip, if thats not your jam!

Life Lessons in 2017

  • 6Music is still the best radio station out there, bar non. I have to endure Magic FM at work. Aaaarrrgggghhh! (I knew this already TBH though!)
  • You can live without your family nearby. Just as long as you see them every couple of months. But then after a few days of staying with them, you end up arguing and getting on each others nerves! Seeing each other little and often seems to be best for all involved, rather than intermittent stays! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without them!
  • Where you were bought up is a bigger part of you than you realise. Maid of Kent (or Kentish Maid?) for life here.
  • Smarties are not just for kids. They are a legit adult chocolate fix.
  • PROOF READ YOUR BLOG POSTS AGAIN AND AGAIN. And again. And again before publishing…..OK, I didn’t learn this in 2017 after nearly 6 years of blogging as I have changed this post three times after publishing. Oopsy!!

Boring Baby Stuff learnt in 2017

  • Its not as bad as people make out.
  • You will get some sleep. So will your baby.
  • Babies/kids are an addition to your life, not your whole life. Said some wise person on the internet (I forget who).
  • Hey Duggee is the best thing ever. (All three of us in our house are obsessed. They have raves! And I love Chew Chew! See below↓).


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