Some Small Updates In Our Bedroom

I thought I would share a few photos of our bedroom on here. I posted the big reveal back in June 2014 here and since then we have made a few small tweeks.bed 15 1

The main changes are the artwork. I treated myself to this print here. Yes, it was expensive, but I have no regrets. Its a long story, but I already had the frame for it when I bought the wrong sized frame for our Velvet Underground print in the dining room from Ikea. So of course it makes complete sense to buy an expensive print for a cheap picture frame rather than throw it away, sell it or donate it. Yep, thats some smart financial thinking from me right there!bed 15 2

I also brought myself the Trellick Tower print above (with a discount code) for my birthday this year. I love it, and who wouldn’t want a bit of Brutalism in the bedroom eh?

That last sentence sounded all kinds of wrong, didn’t it! But I like it because I am proud to live in an ex-local authority house on a council estate and I like big ugly mid century concrete buildings.bed 15 3

I think that I can now say that this room is ‘done’. Phew! All thats left to do is to buy a new door for the room, which we hope to do by the end of the year or early next year when we will be replacing all the crappy, badly hung interior doors in the house in one go.

4 thoughts on “Some Small Updates In Our Bedroom

  1. Love the bed linen! Your room looks fab.
    We also own an ex-council house in a council estate, but mine was built in the mid-70’s so lacks an interesting features at all!

    1. Sorry it always takes me ages to reply to comments, I work funny shifts.

      Thank you! Its only a cheap set from Asda, but I am a sucker for a geometric print!

      Our 50’s house has no features either. My BIL is a builder and he said that council places were always built cheaply and thinly, so things like the banisters and doors were plain and simple with no frilly bits, patterns or features. – Just the way I like things! How I wish our house still had the original interior doors with the original bakelite handles (like our Cornish friends old house had, when they lived around the corner from us!) x

    1. Well, its a long way to drive back to Essex for a refund so the splurge made sense!!!

      Thank you, I love all their stuff, Ive got my eye on the Mersey tunnel one too. x

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