Some Stuff For The Kid

I guess that this post will reveal that we are having a boy. Its not a big secret, as we chose to find out the sex at our 20 week scan and we have told all our friends, family and anyone else who asks what we are having. I just haven’t mentioned it on my blog for some reason! We still haven’t decided on a name yet though. He just goes by “the kid” for now!

I have recently broken my own rules and brought some clothing for the baby. I brought these super hero vests (age 6-9 months, brand new with tags) for £2.50 in a local chazza and I allowed Rob, AKA the ultimate big kid/Star Wars fan (like most blokes around his age are!), to buy this cute Chewbacca onesie thingy while we were out shopping in Tescos the other day.imageimage

I am trying to avoid the whole pink for a girl and blue for a boy thing, but you cannot help being drawn towards all the stereotypical gender based stuff as there is not a lot of unisex clothing out there. So I am just sticking to my no boring baby blue and greige coloured stuff rule the best I can, and I will try to make his wardrobe and accessories as bright and cheerful as I possibly can!

Robs Aunt is a prolific knitter and has already asked us if we wanted any bits made for the baby. I requested a brightly coloured stripey blanket and a little bonnet/hat type of thing (but not in pastel colours please!) And she has already made them and posted them down to us! How cute are they? I love hand knitted bits for lit’luns. I wish I was clever and could knit myself, but I just don’t have the skills or patience for it!image

Oh, and Robs Mum found this vintage Fisher Price toy that used to belong to Rob and his sister up in her loft and passed it on to us.image

Plus we have also ordered the cot and mattress as they were on special offer (even though he won’t be sleeping in them straight away and will be in our room at first) and the car seat is on order from the local baby superstore (AKA your worst nightmare if you hate spending lots of unnecessary money and are not keen on cutesy, vomit inducing baby furniture and paraphernalia like myself!!!) which will be ready to collect within the next three weeks, I hope!

So we are getting there. I have finally accepted that I had better stop putting things off and get a bit more prepared for the new member of the household!

Who am I kidding, we are totally unprepared for what is coming and the house has a lot more than 7 weeks decorating left to do! Eek!

4 thoughts on “Some Stuff For The Kid

  1. Ooh a boy! Congrats!
    Don’t worry about being unprepared, sure my son is 17 and I still feeling woefully unprepared for it all 🙂

    Love the clothes, especially the handknits. It’s such a lovely thing to have

    1. Thank you! This is my parents 4th grandson, as my sis has three boys. We almost have a 5-a-side of noisy little boys now!

      I was convinced that I was having a girl though, until the Dr doing the scan showed me the willy for the 2nd time! Completely the wrong instincts there then!

      That is literally all of his wardrobe! It still feels too early to buy things ATM to me. Maybe in the next few weeks I will buy a few more practical things…?

      Although my mum has stockpiled enough nappies and wipes to keep me going for months (I get my hoarding tendencies from her!) She is bringing over half of Mothercare and loads of my sisters hand me downs soon. Its great but don’t know where I am going to store all the blooming stuff!!!

  2. Those superhero onesies are so cute! A shame they don’t do them in adult sizes (tbf I often think that about kids clothes)

    1. I think that too! A previous job of mine was working in a kiddies clothing department and I was always saying that I wish this came in my size! I would love one of those padded onesie/snowsuit thingys that toddlers have in the winter, they look so cosy. Never mind that I would look a complete dick wearing one!!! x

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