Some Things We Have Dug Up In Our Garden So Far

Lets pretend that we are digging for time team instead of landscaping our garden.

Here is a list of what we have uncovered in our garden –

  1. Some vintage crazy paving
  2. A plastic pond shell (still) buried in the lawn
  3. A whirligig spike
  4. Half a dried out dead frog (all that was left in Toad Hill. Read this lengthy post if you want to know WTF I am on about!) And no, I don’t know why there was only half of a frog either. We never did find the top half.
  5. A used syringe. Nice.

I saved the best for last did’nt I? I really want to believe that one of our house’s previous owners/tennants was diabetic. But somehow I think not.

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