Springing Forward

Its March already and almost springtime. And time for me to officially start looking forward to summer!

Those statements might seem obvious, but I have come a long way over the last few years as I never particularly enjoyed the summertime until recently.

Where as most people (bloggers) moan about January and enduring winter, I am the oddball who likes winter and dislikes the hot, balmy, summer days.

Let me explain. I am fair skinned, so I burn really quick and hotter months in the South East of England usually mean stifling humidity. Close, sticky, uncomfortable days are not my idea of fun. Bleugh.

Here's a photo I took earlier...last spring
Here’s a photo I took earlier…last spring

I think the shift in my thinking and outlook towards summer changed when we finally got our camper van on the road and my work routine changed three years ago.

Back when I worked full time, 9-5 or thereabouts, five days a week, my experiences of the seasons were on my commutes to and from work. I loved seeing the leaves turn colour, the early morning frosts, my foggy breath and feeling the nip in the air. In the summer months however, I did not enjoy my walk to work in the heat (or sitting on a hot, airless, smelly bus) at all. I would arrive at the office (shop) all hot and bothered, only to have to sit in a poorly air-conditioned room wearing a horrible polyester uniform with socks and shoes on (sandals etc were not allowed) for 9 long hours. Then finish work and step out of the building (shopping centre) into what felt like an oven, and then get even more hot and bothered on my journey back home! Phew.

Granted, I would book some of my annual leave in the summer and I would get away to a festival, go on holiday, or stay at home and relax for a week or two each year. But for me the hotter months of the year always felt like something that I had to endure rather than enjoy.

I never knew how to dress for the warmer weather either. I always try to cover up as much as possible, avoiding too much skin exposure because I burn so easily, and covering up is much easier than slathering on loads of factor 50. Plus I have bingo wings! So I just wore the baggiest clothes I could find, but I felt awkward and uncomfortable and I longed to wear my jeans, coats and scarves again.

These days, I now look forward to summer. Because summer means camping and festivals of course! Rob and I have been excitedly talking about where we want to holiday in the van this year and have just bought our festival tickets!
If you are a fan of camping have a gander at this feature on Buzzfeed and try not to get too excited about the upcoming season. Food! Fire! Smores!Ernie

Thanks to the change in my working pattern I can now relax in the mornings and not rush from A-B on a crappy commute, wear more comfortable clothing of my choice in the daytime and I get to hang my washing out on the line more! I now embrace the warmer weather and enjoy the longer days and the extra serotonin.

Last year was a good summer. Despite me working most weekends, we went to a festival and had some lovely days out and camping trips in Ernie.

This year I don’t know how many weekends I will have off, but we have vowed to try and do a few mid week overnighters at local campsites. We just want to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, nature and the elements. Lets hope 2015 brings us lots more happy memories!

2 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the coming of summer but the reality of it… not so much. But the past few years my body image has been so much better, and for me that makes a huge difference to my overall happiness. I used to dread having to take my coat off/not being able to hide under cardigans/show my legs or my flabby arms. Now I just don’t care! And it’s ace feeling cooler because I’m actually dressed appropriately for the weather, and feeling really confident in what I look like and what I’m wearing.

    1. I know what you mean. I was a little self conscious after I put on a bit of weight in my mid twenties and I tried to hide under baggy clothing. Now I could’nt give a flying one about what I look like etc! My main issue has always been comfort.

      Now I know its all about fabrics and the fit of summer clothing. I have just got a bit better at dressing (for comfort rather than style!)

      I hate feeling too hot and feeling clammy etc and would get even more hot and flustered worrying about it! Now I try to relax and enjoy the heat (in the shade of course!)

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