Still Kitchenless

Woah I have just been re-reading some of my archives on here and have realised it was at the end of February when we started work on our new kitchen. It was also on 27/2/12 that I last cooked Rob and I a meal which involved vegetables and any nutrition. Oh dear. This has to be some kind of new record surely?

On a positive note we are nearly there in wrapping it all up, we have reached the final hurdle(s)! The tiling needs to be done and with just one corner of worktop left to cut and fit, then the oven and hob can be connected. So I should be cooking and baking in a few weeks – fingers crossed! And more importantly I can show you some pictures finally!

Next up is my mammoth task of arranging all my rubbish essentials into the cupboards. As I showed earlier on my blog pretty much everything in our house is covered in a thick layer of dust. I have a massive cleaning task ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it. Then finally, normal services shall resume in real life and on here.

In other news It is my birthday soon and Rob has told me what he has bought me. Hint – It is something I have always wanted (OK exaggeration there – wanted for the last 5 years or so) but never dared to think I would ever own one! They are ridiculously expensive and I don’t deserve that amount of luxury! He intended it to be as a finishing gift for me/the kitchen (OK ME!) But the timing has not quite worked out with the never ending project!

How do I know my surprise you ask? Well last Friday I walked into the office and I could tell that Rob was acting funny, so I asked him whats up etc. He then started to giggle nervously, a sure sign he was up to no good. So I managed to get it out of him that he had transferred some money from his savings and did not want me to find out (insert a nervous/guilty giggle while reading this as a sound effect, if you please!)

I eventually got out of him how much. He did confess that he had bought some software upgrade for his business – that’s fine. But the sums did not quite add up. At this point I was starting to get annoyed, thinking he has bought another dodgy VW project/push bike/massive TV type thing that he is inclined to blow his hard earned wedge on from time to time without consulting me first. Eventually he dropped a few hints and I basically figured it out and ruined my surprise! I really did fear that he’d bought me a rusty tin can Beetle without a MOT to rot on the driveway for my birthday. I would not put it past him! I cannot not drive BTW!

Anyway I am playing it cool and trying to forget so I still get the best gift ever.

Can I just say OMG!!!!!!!!

* 14/05/2012 Amendment – Rob has just read this post and wants to make it clear that he did not tell me what my gift was, I got it out of him. Also he was unhappy that I made him sound like a girl with the giggling apparently.


4 thoughts on “Still Kitchenless

  1. I have to say, I think it’s worth three months of being kitchenless if you get a red KitchenAid at the end of it. I have been promised one for Christmas. I can not wait!

    1. A Pink one! So happy! But shhh I am not supposed to know about it! I hope you get yours for xmas! x

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