Take a Chance On Me

Some new vintage glass has entered my life recently, and for once its not Pyrex!

The stars aligned when I spotted this Chance handkerchief vase in the window of a local charity shop. It was just a shame that the shop was shut at the time! So I sent my Mother in to buy it on my behalf the next day, who, predictably, could not understand what I saw in it and why I would want such a cheap, ugly nik-nak in my house!

Thats her words, not mine! I muttered something to her about these things go for around £15 on Ebay. But of course I have no intention of selling it! hanky 1

Its hard to explain the appeal of these strange little vintage vases. After all they are not the most practical of items, being a bit of a dust trap, easy to break and no good for actually displaying flowers in like vases are meant to do. For me the appeal is in the kitschy patterns, the bold primary colours and, dare I admit it, the fact that most people think that they are ugly, old fashioned and tacky! They remind me of my favourite era the 50’s and 60’s, and of my grandparents, which is always a good thing in my book.

I was also chuffed to find one of these in my favourite colour yellow! I planned to display it in the dining room, as the predominant colour in this room is yellow, but for some reason it just didn’t look right on my sideboard. I think it was because it was displayed a bit too low. Handkerchief vases need to be displayed at eye level if you ask me, so that all their curves can be appreciated. So, for now it lives on the top of my book case in the bedroom, next to a half dead plant, as shown below.hanky 2Not that I need another collection in my life, but I would love to have a shelf of these on display somewhere in my house. For the mean time I will just satisfy my greedy, hoarding urges by just sharing a few photos of my favourite patterns and colours on my blog and looking at this guys Pinterest board!

Image from
Image from
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Image from via Pinterest.
Image from via Pinterest.
Not the best quality image I know, but don't they look great together? From via google images.
Not the best quality image I know, but don’t they look great together? From via google images.

2 thoughts on “Take a Chance On Me

  1. Pretty! Congrats on the nice find, lovely shade of yellow too.

    I always thought the handkerchief vases were American, oops. Will have to browse that pinterest page with a cuppa later 🙂

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