The Campers Curtains

I want to show you some photos of Ernie’s curtains that Rob has made with his own fair hands.

We owned the van for a few years before we started work on it, so we had plenty of time to plan out how we wanted it to look. I would have loved to have gone to town with loads of Cath Kidston prints everywhere, but I think this look suits older vans best, particularly the bay window vans. Our van was built in 1984.

Now I love retro furnishings etc, but lets be honest the 80’s is the decade that style forgot. We toyed with the idea of using some vintage children’s bedding like Thunderbirds or Transformers to make the curtains with. Then we played around with the idea of using this Converse alike fabric on the headliner (fabric on the ceiling), or maybe that this tape bedding (which when I searched for the link has been discontinued! Here is a similar cushion) could figure somewhere in the scheme.

In the end we decided not to restore our van to look like its from the decade it was built. That would be to themey anyway for my taste! We just decided to use lots of elements we love, like bold colours (me), stickers (Rob), crochet blankets (me), plain simple furnishings (both of us) and bold patterned curtains (both of us again).

Now who does bold patterns better than Ms Orla Keily? Nobody in my opinion! We were lucky and found a single bed duvet cover in TK Maxx a while back for £35, which we cut up and Rob got to work sewing them himself.1025845_10151787831751719_1543076525_o 1048855_10151787830841719_1428181255_o-11063777_10151787831601719_643555917_oNext post coming soon…..Two in one day!

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