The Campervan Interior

On Monday Rob picked up our campervans interior. It was handmade by a friend to our own specifications.

First came the bed frame. Here is a link to Instagram pic of the van with the bed frame in, how the interior looked back on Saturday. Now for those not in the know (and that did include me until recently) these beds are called rock and roll beds, which double up as seating in the back of the van, and unfold (roll) down across the back engine to become a bed when you reach your destination (rock up somewhere).

I gotta learn all this VW dude/dudette language!

You can get the beds in 3/4 width or the full width of the van. We chose to sacrifice a cupboard or two for the extra comfort. Plus we are a pair of fatties and I like my space.

Here are some pictures of the new interior. We are getting there. Rob has bought some foam to cut and cover, which you can see in some of the snaps. Phew, we don’t have to sleep on metal wire! We still have lots to do, and I will try to blog as many changes as I can. Sorry, this blog is going to be a bit campervan for dummies centric for the next few posts!

There is storage under the rock n roll bed
more storage and a buddy seat with yet more storage
It looks like a bit like an Aga does’nt it? I have always wanted an Aga!
Yet more space to stash stuff under the bed
blue naked foam
Another peek

Glastonbury is less than a week away now! Its going to be our first time camping in the van. We did hope to have a trial run spending a night or two away at a local camp site, but time ran away with us as usual. Our main worry is not the lack of creature comforts, its will the van make the 170 odd miles there!*

Plus extra bonus points if you noticed the windows are tinted. I forgot to mention, Rob had a mobile window tinter stick some vinyl on the windows on Monday too!

*We don’t care if we don’t make it back. We have breakdown cover so they can tow us back home! Unfortunately if we break down on the way there, they will only tow us home. Boo!

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