The Names I call my cat

I saw this post here and had to chuckle to myself when I thought of all the stupid nick-names I call my cat (and always in a high-pitched stupid baby voice as well!)

Her given name is Poppy Bernadette R-S (which is Rob and my surname’s hyphenated together that I have decided not to post publicly on here!*) The poor love, I bet she gets the mickey taken out of her by the other cats down our road with a name like that!

And to make matters worse, to completely ruin any street cred that she might have left once the other cats find out that she has a hyphenated surname, I also call her any of these names which I have listed here for your amusement!

Poppy (occasionally)
Monkey Dust
Dusty Monkey
Baby Monkey
Chunky Monkey
Bunny Rabbit
Whinger Ninja
Sleepy cat
Sleepy monkey
The beast
Mucky pup
Cuddle monster

Poppy doing her page 3 pose. Showing a little raspberry ripple!

Yep, I know what you are thinking and I agree. I am a mad cat lady!

*Email me if you really want to know her surname. Not that there is anything wrong with hyphenated surname’s, its just hers is a little daft/a complete mouthful!

3 thoughts on “The Names I call my cat

  1. Cute! I do the same with my boy cat, Gizmo, who is currently known as Gizzles, Giz, Lump, Destructocat, Gizzlizzlelumpedybump, Big Bad Giz and Horror. The girl cat, Polly, is much too dignified for nicknames and is mostly called Miss Pollifer. They also have a hybrid surname.

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