The New House – The Hallway And Landing

Warning – If I were you I would crank up the brightness on your computer/phone to its fullest for this post, as here are yet more dark and uninspiring photos showing more of our new house. Or rather our new-ish house, as we have now lived here for three weeks! Time flies, eh!

This area is another WIP, as we are currently painting this area white. Rob really hates me right now because he detests painting walls white, its the hardest colour to paint walls with apparently! And next week the upstairs landing and stairs will be re-carpeted, as the carpet that was left behind was a little threadbare.

My plans are to paint the walls and the stair boards (I think that’s what they are called? – we have no banisters here) white, then to fill the walls with our colourful prints and to buy some nicer curtains for the big window at the top of the stairs. That’s pretty much the same plan that I have for all of the house, but hey ho!

In other exciting news, I managed to find two yellow coloured knock off Verner Panton flower pot lampshades online for a tenner each for the hallway and landing! Unfortunately, when they arrived they were a tad more towards the lemon coloured end of the spectrum, rather than the bright primary yellow colour that I was hoping for. But for a tenner, I can hardly complain!

Watch this space for the big reveal!imageimageIMG_3132imageIMG_2376image

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