The New House – The lounge

Today I am going to share one of the more exciting rooms in our new house – the lounge/diner.

You know that book that the internet loves so much? Well, Marie Kondo would be very proud of me because I have shed a whole room from my life!

We have no dining room in this house. But you know what? I am not bothered because although the dining room was my favourite room in the old house decor wise, we hardly ever used it. Instead we were naughty as we used to eat our dinner on our laps in front of the telly instead of sitting at the dining table!

Well, there will be no excuses for doing that in this house, as we can now sit at the table and watch the box. Especially when my new sofa is delivered in 15 weeks time!

One of the biggest selling points for me with the new house was its large windows, and our new lounge has the biggest window in the house.

And when I say big, I mean big!

Part of me knows that its going to be hard to decorate around, will cost a small fortune in window cleaners each month, will be a nightmare trying to find some new curtains for and the room will probably be freezing in the winter because of it. But who cares!

With these windows I can pretend that I live in a mid century modernist architecturally designed dreamy crib or something, instead of a pretty ordinary 1969 house built on an ordinary housing estate! We also have great views here, but Im sorry, I have closed the blinds in my photos for privacy and security reasons.

Here are some photos taken just after we got the keys, while we were waiting for the removal lorry to arrive.empty lounge 1empty lounge 2empty lounge 3

Unfortunately our furniture just doesn’t really work in this room. I had high hopes that that I could use my sideboard as a TV unit where ever we moved to. But I have to admit that it just doesn’t work. Its too big for the room and dominates it for all the wrong reasons. So its going to have to be sold and replaced with something smaller (but still retro and cute I hope). Plus the Gplan coffee table is going (again, its too big for the room), so is the dining table (Robs restoration attempt ruined it many years ago), the dining chairs (they were once white, but have now discoloured into a yucky creamy/nicotine off yellow colour) and I also need a bigger shelving unit for my growing MCM book collection, so the Gplan unit is going as well.

Plus the carpet, light fitting, fire, mantle piece and curtains will all be changed, and the room will be repainted more to our taste when funds allow.

Phew, so pretty much everything that you see in this room will be different at some point in the future!

Rob is currently working from the dining table until his office is sorted!


Fear not, the pictures and clocks are not staying where they are. Rob just hung them on some random picture hooks left behind by the previous owner.
Sorry for the darkness of this photo, but it gives an idea of the current layout of the room.


3 thoughts on “The New House – The lounge

  1. I’m loving seeing these peeks at the new house! You’ve massively inspired me with this move, I was telling Thomas the other day that there’s no longer any excuse to stay in Leicester and fester, “because if Helen can make a move, we can!”

    1. Its going well so far, we both feel settled. The only thing I miss is my family, but the parents have now learnt to Facetime, so alls good!

      Its funny, every time I had a wobble about moving, I would tell myself “if so-and-so and so-and-so (my friends and former work colleagues) can move to Chicago and Melbourne, then I can move to blooming Devon!”

      If you both want a change, then do it when the time is right for both of you. Sometimes you just have to take a chance! xx

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