Tina Is My Bitch

Yey! I won her! It seems that if you put it out there to the universe, sometimes things will go in your favour! Now that’s about as deep and meaningful as I am ever going to get on here! But please can someone pay my mortgage off…….I’m just putting it out there as you do!

And would you Adam and Eve it, I (Rob) only had a five minute walk (drive) around the corner to collect it!Tina

Once again I slightly messed up by buying something on eBay that is a little damaged, oopsie! Although to be fair, it only had one small picture and they did not write a brilliant description (yes, I know all classic things to watch out for on eBay!) I will hold my hands up and admit this it not the first time I have bought rubbish on eBay. I do tend to get a little carried away sometimes! But luckily I did not pay that much for it, so I can live with a splodge in her hair. And a slight mark on one of her boobs. Oops!

At least now I have an original 60’s print. I can sell it on in the future if I see one at a good price in better condition. This saucy minx is now mine!

So at least our bedroom will finally have one good looking saucy minx in it – Rob really needs to up his game!

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