Tuesday Tune

In honour of my new Kitchenaid mixer (which I promise to stop wanging on about) and my naming her Spinderella, I have decided to do dedicate a Tuesday tune post to Salt-N-Pepa. It is deviating slightly from my female guitarist theme, but I think they deserve an honorary mention for their own contribution to the cause of females kicking it in the music industry!

Many moons ago when I was a kid, I owned a Salt-N-Pepa’s compilation on tape. I listened to it to death and knew all their lyrics off by heart.

This was when I was in junior school. When I think back as an adult, who now cant really remember their lyrics just the song titles etc, I did wonder if they were maybe a little bit rude for a young Helen’s ears. Dear me, now I really am old – what have I become!!

But having now watched their video’s on You Tube to research this post, I realised that they had lyrics to tell women to be strong and independent, and they did not wear too revealing clothes or use their bodies to sell their music (Rihanna and Shakira – I’m looking at you!) They just used their talent and gave as good as they got to prove themselves in the (still) male dominated world of hip hop.

So basically this means I have managed to justify that I can tut slightly at my 8 year old neighbour being a massive Niki Minaj fan! I’m oooollllldddd ok!

And finally the classic that gets everyone dancing and I still know every word to!

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