Tuesday Tune/Our New Bed

Looky what we got delivered today! After a slight hiccup with my credit agreement (interest free Mum – don’t worry!) Our new bed is here!

I took some pictures to share here and have been trying to think of a Tuesday tune with a bed theme in its honour. I hit a wall and the only song I could think of was Keane’s Bedshaped. Nah, boring. I am not a Keane fan.

So I asked Rob if he could think of any bed or dream themed tunes. He did a quick search of his iTunes and suggested this……

Deary me, its terrible eh! But slightly better than Keane I suppose. It was one of those moments I questioned our relationship.

His excuse was that it is on his iTunes as he has the Waynes World soundtrack on there. Again I wondered if I ever would really know the man, even after 11 years together.

Anyhoo, here are the pictures of our bed. First, straight after it had been delivered, then second, after I had made it using the fancy new pillows and duvet we got for free when we purchased it! Woop!bed1bed2Side Note – You see that piece of string hanging above the bed in this pic? It’s one of the only original features our house has left! We viewed a lot of homes on our estate when we were looking to move, and they all seemed to have that piece of string hanging down from the ceiling in the main bedroom. The more we saw of it, the more we said to ourselves that we hated it and that we must rip it out, if the house we manage to buy has one (its amazing how you can get fixated on little things sometimes). Fast forward to almost three years later, and it’s still here and is staying put! It’s so handy for reading in bed, you don’t have to get out of bed to switch the light off – amazing!

Just for good measure, here is a snap of our old bed. Up for sale on Gumtree if anyone wants it. I cannot believe the height difference between them!old bed

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