Tuesday Tune

I always have the radio on in the kitchen when I cook, in fact I cannot cook without it.

I tune into 6music or radio1 for the Zane Lowe show in the evenings, and I don’t often deviate from these two stations. However at the weekends, in particular Saturday evening, there is often a twilight zone when these two stations are a bit rubbish. On radio1 you have the Trevor Nelson show and 6music you have the Craig Charles funk and soul show.

I can tolerate Trevor’s show for about 5 or 6 songs before it starts to get on my nerves. I prefer Trev when he plays the old school classics (think Stevie Wonder et al) rather than the smooth R’n’B stuff. Nah, not my cup of tea. I like to think I have an open mind about all genres of music, and I do genuinely like Trevor and his passion for music. But as I said, I usually find myself twisting that tuning dial.

As for Craig Charles show. I just cant listen to it, sorry. So I usually settle on Absolute 90’s station. On Saturday evenings they play all the 90’s party classics (think Snap, Adamski etc) and it takes me right back to my clubbing days.

Which if you do the maths was a very long time ago! Yep, I used to go out raving every weekend from the age of 16 until I slowed down at the grand old age of 23. I pretty much lived at my hometowns one and only indie disco dive bar, but I would also frequent wherever had the best drink promotions, and when I was very young (under 18) anywhere the bouncers would let me in! So I would throw some drunken shapes to all kinds of music back in the day. Except for jungle, I was too slow at dancing to that!

Now I hardly ever venture into a nightclub and most of my (bad Dad style) dancing is done in the kitchen, to give my neighbours opposite something to gawp at. We really must sort out our kitchen blinds!

So on a Saturday evening all I have to listen to is cheesy 90’s house tunes, on a station marketed to people in thier 30’s, which is frankly, pretty lame. Occasionally they will throw a winner in the mix like Orbital or The Prodigy, and last Saturday the played this tune which had me dancing around the kitchen and singing all the words at the top of my voice. Love it!

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