Tuesday Tune – Guilty Pop Pleasures Edition

This is the post that will make Rob finally disown me!

I am going to list a selection of songs that I shouldn’t like, but somehow against all the odds, I do. These songs are huge mainstream pop hits, from artists I do not like and have plenty of airplay and really catchy choruses. But you will never get me to admit that I like them in real life….just on the internet in a blog that hardly anyone reads!!

So why do I like them? This is something I cannot explain. It must be that I am getting soft in my old age and have lost some of my rage against the machine. It seems I have given up the fight against catchy, repetitive pop tunes penetrating my brain!

Whatever it is, I just cannot help but hum along and get the tunes (if you can call them that) below stuck in my head for days after I hear them!

1) Little Mix – How Ya Doin’?

Please let me digress with a really long and vaugely relevant story about this one, as I really love De La Soul….
My mother is basically a character from The Fast Show. She has so many catchphrases and lines that she repeatedly drops into conversations. Even when I am not around her, I can hear her voice in my head saying things like “be sure your sins will find themselves out” and “get it while you see it”.
Grrr, she is always right! And she knows it! Recently she gleefully gave my sister and I this fridge magnet as a gift. She was so proud of herself and thinks the magnets are hilarious! Talk about rub it in, eh!
She drove me up the wall as a kid with her pearls of wisdom. But now that I am older and wiser, I can only hope to one day have a small portion of her evil genius!

One of her sayings that she would irritate me when I was younger with was every time she heard a cover version of a song from her youth, she would proclaim “oh, they’ve ruined it!”
So as I child, I swore to myself that I would never say that as an adult, because the day I did would officially make me a boring old fuddie duddie.

Ok, so I have failed miserably on that front! But I make no apologies for it. Especially when I hear a god awful cover of The White Stripes 7 Nation Army several times a week on the tannoy system in the shop I work. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, it really is the worst cover version I have ever heard!

Right, lets get back on point. So why do I like this song? I shouldn’t, as it samples De La Soul (who sampled Curiosity Killed The Cat) and its by a manufactured girl band from the Simon Cowell TV hit machine. But despite those crimes against music, I still like it.
Its catchy, fluffy pink pop and features Missy Elliott. Even I cannot fight that.

2) Maroon 5 – One More Night

No I haven’t bumped my head recently. I am going to declare that I like this song (and Moves Like Jagger!) Then run into a corner to hide and hang my head in shame.

Please note that I cannot stand Maroon 5. Ever since they emerged in the noughties, I have always disliked their music. In the past I have given a friend stick for owning their album (he was a brave man for admitting that one) and I have told anyone who would listen that the lead singers voice is nasal and sounds like Zippy from Rainbow. My hatred for Maroon 5 is almost as strong and pure as it is for Coldplay. Yet somehow I like this tune.

Damm you Maroon 5, you win with your catchy hooks!

3) Lily Allen – Air Balloon

Remember when Lily burst onto the scene out of Myspace pretending to be a bit council estate with her big hoop earrings and white trainers but her plummy public school accent and famous dad didn’t fool anyone?

Ah, Lily Allen. Despite you pretending to be a bit chavy, I like you as a person because you are not afraid to be opinionated and sometimes say stupid shit, which we are all guilty of. But I have never liked particularly liked your music.

Its lucky I still have a telly, as every time her John Lewis advert cover of Keane came on over Xmas, I wanted to throw something at the TV to MAKE IT STOP! Gah, that song made my ears bleed.

But Lily has redeemed herself with this tune. Its catchy, poppy and sounds a little bit like MIA. Plus she is doing some proper Dad dancing in her video!

4) Pitbull – Timber

I am saving the best for last! Now this really is embarrassing, but I think I like this tune? It has a harmonica, is on the radio 1 playlist, Ke$ha singing it and cheesy video featuring cowboy hats and babes gyrating in hot pants. I keep hearing it on the radio and singing along to it. I know it is a terrible song, yet somehow I don’t hate it. Infact I think I kinda like it. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!

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