Updates To D’s Bedroom

We have made a few changes to D’s bedroom so I thought that I would share them here.

I knew that this room would be evolving and changing as he grew older, but I did not expect it to happen so quickly! But thanks to his birthday/xmas extravaganza with all the extra clothes and toys he gained from those two days (lucky boy!) he needed a better storage situation, so we sorted one out.

Here is a link to my post on his bedroom when he was six months old. And here is how it looked before the changes.

Its messy, messy, messy here because of the pile of crap next to the unit (including the outgrown bath tub) awaiting to go up in the loft, and with the big ugly pile of cardboard boxes that I had been collecting up ready for my next lot of Ebay selling!Please excuse the nutty toddler doing his best 90’s Marky Mark impression here with his torso out and nappy showing over his PJ’s! But here is a (slightly blurred) close up. Our main problem was that he needed a better storage for all the loose little toys like his cars and Duplo pieces, which I couldn’t fit into the cupboards at the bottom of the old G Plan unit as it was full of nappies and next size up clothes passed down from my nephews.So we put the crap up in the loft and bought a cheap little unit from B&Q for the plastic crap tiny loose bits. The new unit is a bit like those famous square shelves from Ikea that everyone has, but thinner and cheaper! And it was a hit with D who spent hours playing emptying them out and refilling the boxes, bless him!

And finally here is how it looks when we tidy up below!


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