We Got Our Baubles Out!

Yey, its Christmas eve’s eve and things are finally looking festive around Hel ‘n’ Rob towers! Yesterday we got our baubles out and finally put our decorations up! Is it blog worthy? Well, it has been a while since we last got ’em out and hung our baubles *cough 4 years cough* so why not!

I wang on here about how much I love the clean lines of mid century modern furniture and interiors, and I do try to emulate the MCM elegant style in my own home……so if you are expecting tasteful, stylish Christmas decorations, think again!

Basically it looks like someone has vomited a toyshop and a load of glitter in our house!

TreeHere is our massive tree (honestly, the photo above does not do justice to the true scale of the monster). We decided to assemble it in this corner of our lounge because it has two handy plug sockets. We then remembered that we needed to buy some new fairy lights. Oh well, next year maybe!santa babyNext, we have a massive toy Santa on our smaller sofa and behind him on the windowsill a sparkly owl and reindeer. I bought the giant Santa a few years back in the 75% off sale, plus with my staff discount and he worked out to be around £3.50! Boom! He is so soft and cuddly, I love him! Rob is not so keen.g plan xmas 13Next, we have our Gplan unit displaying our cards. We didn’t get many cards this year. We get less and less each year (although with the price of stamps, I don’t blame people). There are more cards on the top, not shown. This photo is a good opportunity to perv over some bookshelf porn, if that kind of thing floats your boat. It totally floats mine BTW.close up of toysHere is a close up of the toys on the unit. A mini Santa (same as the big one on the Sofa), a cute little bird and a deer decoration that I bought in Bruges. I do love Bruges. I sometimes do the day trip thing on the coach, along with all the OAP’s, to the Christmas markets and I really enjoy it. And thats coming from a girl who doesn’t really do Christmas. We never made it this year. Next year, maybe!fireplace at xmasNext we have our fireplace guarded by a snowman and Santa.Mr pot headThen on our TV stand we have our favourite Crimbo decoration Mr Potatohead, next to a little wind up Santa.Poppys stockingAbove we have Poppy’s stocking hanging on my snake plant. We don’t have a mantle piece so I had to improvise.  merry kitschmasThen in the dining room, on our sideboard, we have a mini black tree with my most kitschiest, tasteless decorations hanging on it. I have some baubles from Cathy K, the beer one I was admiring in TKMaxx (I just had to go back and buy it!), cupcakes and a bah humbug bauble at the top. On the side board we have kitschy deers bought in the sale from Paperchase (the tartan one was £1.40) and three of the kitschiest decorations ever from Paperchase, which my mum treated me to as an early Christmas pressie.crimbo duckThen finally, on the bathroom windowsill, we have our Crimbo rubber ducky!

So thats the full 2013 Christmas decorations tour. There is no theme in our house, and none of our decorations really match. But as Noddy Holder says “its CHRIIIISTMASSS!!!!” – who cares!

Have a good one readers! See you on the other side!

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  1. I am SO tempted to make a “get your baubles out” joke, but am trying to resist. Oops, too late.

    Merry Christmas! Have a fab one.

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