We Need To Buy Some More Towels

……and hire a Rug Doctor machine!

Please allow me to introduce you to kid#2.

Please excuse the poop on his hand and leg. As I say, birth is messy business!

His name is Reece and he was born four days late on 27/08/18 at 3.55am (well we think so, lets go with that time!), weighing 6lb 6oz.

He was a heavier birth weight than Dylan, but still a little smaller than we thought he would be. I had a growth scan at 37 weeks where he measured 6lb 15oz. Then at my 40 week appointment the midwife measured him at 8lb 5oz! (Sorry to wang on about all this baby weight stuff, but I am still a bit caught up in it, and l love asking peeps how much their babies weighed when they were born! What a weirdo! Can you tell I am stats person?) So yeah, he was a bit smaller than predicted, but is fine and healthy which is the main thing.

Let me explain my slightly random blog post title now. Im not really into birth stories, but I have to share Reece’s dramatic arrival on here. I want to write down my memories before I forget them. Not that I think I will in a hurry TBH!

He was born yesterday at home. And nope, I didn’t want a home birth. I wanted a hospital birth, with gas and air and all the drugs. Gimme all the drugs! I was looking forward to getting off my face on gas and air like last time!

My Shaun Ryder-esque birth plan did not work out though. Everything happened so fast. And I mean really fast.

I woke up at 2.15am (ish, all times quoted here are approx) to use the loo and I felt a bit niggly, but I went back to bed and dozed until around 3.00am. I went to the loo again and this time I decided that baby must be on his way. At 3.15am I woke up Rob to tell him that I thought I was in labour. We discussed what to do with Dylan (taking him with us was the only option really, as it was too early to get a neighbour round to watch him or to get some family to drive over in 5-7 hours!) Next I decided to have a shower, and Rob made himself a coffee and started to pack some stuff for D and my hospital bag into the car, thinking that we had plenty of time. By 3.40am I was pretty uncomfortable so I called Rob back upstairs in a panic to get him to phone the labour ward. They told us to come in. But then I kind of knew that Reece was on his way out. So Rob phoned them back. I was right, Rob could see the head, so labour ward told us to phone for an ambulance. My phone shows that the call was made at 3.47am, and poor Rob was on two phones being talked through a crash course in midwifery.

At around 3.55am Rob delivered his second born! Or rather caught him! Afterwards it was pretty petrifying as Reece didn’t immediately start to cry, so 999 talked Rob through what to do and how to start CPR, but thankfully after a minute or two he was crying and recovering from his dramatic entrance to the world. The paramedics arrived at about 4.10am and the two midwifes who were on call, sent out by labour ward, arrived about half hour later!

It was pretty mad TBH. Rob said he is scarred for life and going to be having nightmares! Lets just say that giving birth is messy business! Our bedroom looked like a scene from Dexter! We have thrown away at least three towels, I have a mountain of washing and Rob has lost his favourite t-shirt as no stain remover was gonna fix that!

We hired a Rug Doctor and Rob gave the upstairs carpets a whizz round yesterday, which seems to have cleaned up most of the blood stains. The poor man had two lots of Rug doctoring to do yesterday!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!)

Rob is a bit too shell shocked ATM to have his moment, but everyone is saying well done Rob this time, rather than well done me!!!

He can dine out on this one for years, eh!

And before anyone asks – No, we are most definitely not going to have a third child. No, I would not recommend a home birth. And Dylan slept the whole way through all the drama in his bedroom nextdoor!

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