Why Do I Have A Blog?

Two nights ago I could not sleep. Rob’s snoring was louder than usual, and I just could not turn off my thoughts. In the middle of night I gave up trying to get to sleep and sat at the computer typing out a terrible blog post. I also had to go downstairs to shoo out a neighbourhood cat that had come in the house, but that is not really relevant!

My blog post was awful, it read like a angsty teenagers diary – all why do I have a blog? Why do I bother? All me, me, me, blah, blah, blah. Blame it on the insomnia!

Thankfully, I have deleted most of my ramblings. The main point of my nocturnal blogging was to pour some of the thoughts out of my head, because I just could not switch off my brain to get to sleep!

The main thing that was bothering me was why do I have a blog? I dont really know…..It all stemed from a moment last weekend. I was chatting to some friends of ours about my blog, but I would not tell them the name of it. I did my usual thing of joking about it (my blog), then Rob piped up and was about to tell them the name of my blog. But I shot him a death stare and told him to shut the f*** up!

Yeah, I dont know why I did not tell them where to find it either? I guess part of me feels a tiny bit of a loser for having a blog. Plus I am not comfortable about fishing for compliments (or rather insults) if they gave me (honest) feedback about what they thought of things on here!

I also thought about the purpose of this blog and what I write about. Here I just talk about anything and everything. Whatever takes my fancy and floats my boat. But its all lighthearted and edited. I like to think that my blog is a bit like the real life me. I like telling silly (and hopefully amusing) stories about random stuff. I have a self depreciating sense of humour, so when I talk about myself it is always intended to make people laugh. I am not an attention seeker, but I like to make people happy and smile.

Sometimes I find the posts come easy, then sometimes I struggle to think of anything to say on here. Lately I have become a little lazy and not feeling things on here, just posting about Pyrex and a list of links (and Geordie Shore!)

Which now leads me back to what was keeping me up at night. Do I want to get more personal on here?

Sometimes I do share a little personal stuff on here. I held back a lot in that post, but writing it was like closure to me. I wonder if should occasionally get more personal on here. Afterall having a blog is a lot cheaper than a therapist! The Internet is a great listener!

I really want to talk more about work and my career (or lack of), but its probably not the wisest subject to talk about online. To be honest I think this is was what was really keeping me awake that night, because I have had a job offer out of the blue! So the whole work thing has been playing on my mind of late.

What I might do is a post on my experiences and funny(ish) stories about my job interviews in this past year or so. Basically how I made a dick of myself and what not to do!

So in conclusion what is this blog for or about? Answer – I don’t know, but I am enjoying the journey of finding out. Watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Why Do I Have A Blog?

  1. I find the more personal blog posts terrifying to write and publish – it can feel like a huge risk, and very exposing – but they ALWAYS get the most readers, the most lovely comments, and I’ve never regretted anything I’ve written afterwards.

      1. Thank you! It was unexpected as I decided to have a break from job hunting for a few months, then finally I get a job offer!
        I will get on to that post! cheers! x

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