You Couldn’t Make It Up If You Tried!

post1-v2Yep, this really did happen. The wheel fell off our removal lorry last Friday (the 13th) and shut the M4!! You really couldn’t make it up if you tried!

Laughing and joking aside, thankfully no one was hurt and it didn’t cause a pile up on the motorway. It was just a very long and tiring day for our poor removal guys and will be a good story for Rob and I to tell down the pub in the future!

It was a pretty easy journey to Devon for Rob and I in the van though. We left at 7.30 am with the cat in her carrier tucked between the two front seats (it was like a proper family road trip – very sweet!) During the journey I had a call from the solicitors to say that the money had been transferred and our house was sold. Then towards the end of the journey, I rang the estate agents who we were buying our new house from to check if the keys were ready, and we only had to wait fifteen minutes before picking them up. Oh, and I also had a phone call from the removal company to say that they were running a couple of hours behind (little did we know!) It was like everything was going to plan and seemed almost too good to be true!

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We got into our new house at 2.30 pm and after texting our friends and family the good news, one of our friends phoned Rob up saying that he had seen on Twitter that a removal lorry on its way to Devon had lost its wheel and shut the M4 and was it ours by any chance?

We got him to send us the link, and yep, it was ours alright!

Of course we found it funny – what else can you do but laugh! And we gave the rest of our friends a laugh about it via social media! I still cannot believe that our house move managed to shut the blooming M4! Talk about letting the west country know that we are on our way and causing carnage!!!!

Once again, thankfully no harm was done (except for thousands of delayed journeys!) It turned out that although the removal lorry had just recently passed its MOT, one of its tires blew out and caused another wheel to fall off. The removal guys only noticed it rolling down the motorway in front of them in a perfect straight line, because the driver of the car in front of them did the sensible thing by flashing its hazzard lights and slowing down gradually so that they could safely stop.

The British transport police had to shut the motorway because the lorry was too large to tow away for its repairs (we had a full size lorry towing a blooming trailer with the Beetle in it!) Eventually they made it to us at around 7.30 pm and with Robs help they finished unloading the lorry at 11.30 pm. The poor guys, they left at 6.00 am! I just sat in the smallest bedroom with the cat going apes**t watching them, being helpful as ever, me!!!bug goes to Devon

2 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make It Up If You Tried!

  1. Oh my gosh! Talk about drama! So glad to hear you’re all moved and settled, it seems to have come around very quickly although I’m sure, for you, it’s felt long and stressful. Happy new house!

    1. Oh there is always some kind of drama when we move house, I am just glad that it wasn’t the cat pissing herself in the car again!

      It has come around very quick the move though! Thank you very much! xx

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