You Know You Are Getting Old When…..Part 4

Right lets get on with my nonsense –

So after a three and a half year gap (say whatttt?!!?) for some reason I feel the urge to blog another one of these posts. Maybe its because in 2018 I have done some serious responsible adulting shiz like getting a “sensible” car and we are currently remortgaging so that we can extend the term of our loan but overpay it (it does make sense, honest)? So yeah, Im dull and old with a capital O and proud of it!

  • Remember how you felt old when you started getting invites to 40th birthday parties? (Im well and truly into my thirties so 30th parties are a long distant memory!) Welp, this year Rob and I were invited to our first 50th birthday party! It was our friends older sisters bash and it only seems like yesterday that we went to her 40th! Eep!
  • You cringe at yourself when you are talking to teenage and early twenty something members of your partners family. Can. Not. Relate. At. All. Me – “so how’s uni?” Them – “fine thank you” Gah, my toes are curling at the awkwardness of it all, we have nothing in common!!!!!! I have become that old and boring relative!!!! Gah!!!! Monkey with hands over eyes emoji alert!!!!!
  • You ping out a white hair with your tweezers and then find a whole crop of them. Time to start leaning over the bath tub with the shower and some Garnier Nutrisse forevermore. When you can be arsed to of course.
  • And finally, this will be no surprise to regular readers of this blog (if there are any?) but a good time to me now is tidying and organising my cupboards, wardrobe, larder etc. I just wish I had more time to do this. *Cough* I also like looking at pantry porn online *Cough* Weirdo. 

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